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Colin Thomas Isotti

Welcome! Thank you for visiting my website. Here you will find videos, music, information, and tour dates. Contact info is below —feel free to inquire anytime regarding music, bookings, lessons, events, scheduling, academia, or anything you might be curious about. 

Some info:

Classically trained from a young age, Isotti is now a multi-styled guitarist with both Bachelor's and Master's degrees in music. Beginning with nylon-string fingerstyle guitar, he has since then developed skills as an electric and acoustic steel-string guitarist, singer-songwriter, composer, and performer. During this, he also developed an interest in a variety of world music, including a passion for flamenco (trad. Spanish) guitar and its technique.

A seasoned performer, Isotti has played in jazz bands, rock bands, classical ensembles, guitar orchestras/ensembles/duos, and a variety of other groups. He regularly performs solo as a singer-songwriter or classical/flamenco guitarist—his performances often combine these musical styles.

Currently residing outside of Nashville, TN, Isotti is a New England native. Primarily focused on the TN music scene, he is dedicated to teaching, creating, and furthering the musical community in any way that he can. If not in TN, Isotti can often be found performing and teaching back home in NE. During the school year, he is an adjunct music professor at Austin Peay State University.

~A list of services~

Music Lessons:

Guitar—Electric Guitar—Fingerstyle Guitar—Songwriting—Ukulele—Bass—Basic Piano


Theory—College Prep.—Writing/Research—Music Tech.—Recording

Studio Sessions:

Songwriter—Guitarist—Lyricist—Lead/Background Vocalist—Composer


Organization—Performance—Promotion—Musical Arrangements—Sound Reinforcement 

Contact Info:


PHONE: 1-603-464-9692

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Videos —please enjoy

Videos —please enjoy

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Bulerias Para Javi I by Colin Isotti

Una Limosna Por el Amor de Dios I Augustín Barrios Mangoré I Performed by Colin Isotti

Dake's Song I Frank Wallace I Performed by Colin Isotti

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